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With developing unease I read the tale about kindred EU resident Monique Hawkins, whose application for an archive guaranteeing changeless residency was dismissed by the Home Office despite the fact that she appears to have completely conformed to the tenets while presenting her application (Report, 29 December). I am German, 61 years of age, wedded to a British spouse and 16 years in the UK. During these time I did my best to incorporate. I worked, never asserted any advantage and partook in group life through intentional work. The general population around me never let me feel “remote” or unwelcome and really treat me like a kindred national. Like Mrs Hawkins, I never thought it was important to have my movement status ensured. This changed after the Brexit vote, in light of the fact that the life my better half and I have fabricated together completely relies upon my entitlement to stay in the UK. Thus, I additionally chose to apply for British citizenship, which requires affirmation of changeless residency.B1A1241 B1A1798 B1A2356 B1A1498
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Brexit: Dutch lady who was advised to leave UK now permitted to remain

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Like Mrs Hawkins, we found that our marriage is dealt with contrastingly to non-EU/UK relational unions and that it is marked down as an explanation behind guaranteeing my status since I am an EU national. So I pushed through the 85 pages of the application frame and submitted it, together with the required confirmation as exhorted in the direction notes, feeling certain that I had done everything right. Be that as it may, subsequent to perusing Mrs Hawkins’ story, I started to imagine that choices made by the Home Office include more implicit standards and procedures than can be anticipated by candidates. My application is as yet being prepared and I will let you how I get on. B1A1246 B1A1803 B1A2361 B1A1503
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Regina Erich

• My significant other is Swedish and has lived in the UK for a long time, while gladly holding her Swedish citizenship. She has been hitched to me for a long time, is as English in her social and social experience as any English individual and presumably talks our dialect more accurately than most local English speakers. She now experiences dementia and is physically pretty much stationary. She would be not able direct the guard of her entitlement to be here herself, yet in the event that I were to keep in touch with the Home Office for her sake would we get a likewise shameful and inhumane letter as others, whose encounters you have revealed, have done? Or, then again perhaps, even, migration officers would turn up on our doorstep at 5am and haul my better half away to the closest detainment focus. B1A1256 B1A1813 B1A2371 B1A1513
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• The instance of the Dutch mother of English youngsters being prompted by the Home Office to leave Britain in the wake of living here for a long time flawlessly lawfully, is not going to be a separated one. Either in the UK or whatever remains of Europe. Noteworthy quantities of inside displaced people will be made in light of the fact that individuals are inhabitant by uprightness of EU citizenship while not really meeting neighborhood residency rules. A large number of these individuals will likewise neglect to fit the bill for administrations, for example, wellbeing, in the event that they come back to their nation of cause. B1A1262 B1A1819 B1A2377 B1A1519
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An ordinary case would be a UK native who has spent unassuming life reserve funds on a flat in the Spanish Costas and has been making due there on the British state annuity for a year or two. Enlisting for Spanish home can dismay without the dialect aptitudes and assets to pay for counsel. Some like the Dutch mum would not be qualified and, should they be solicited to leave once the assurance from EU citizenship is evacuated, would touch base in Britain without the privilege to utilize the NHS and would likewise be ineligible for the house benefits expected to secure settlement. The quantity of individuals dislodged crosswise over Britain and Europe could keep running into millions. HMG and the EU arbitrators should discover a method for forestalling what could turn into a noteworthy interior displaced person emergency among their own citizenship.

Olly Cooper

Cambridge and Algarrobo, Spain

Gatekeeper Today: the features, the examination, the open deliberation – sent direct to you

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• Re EU nationals applying for British citizenship and the long handling circumstances, the Home Office’s regrettable reaction was to state that they had propelled an express identification registration benefit. They neglected to state that the cost of nationalization is over £1,000 in addition to all the additional items, eg biometric living arrangements allow, medicinal checks and so forth, and the procedure takes a half year or more. A super premium administration is £8,750. B1A1267 B1A1824 B1A2382 B1A1524
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Margaret King

Polegate, East Sussex

• It would appear that some EU residents while applying for lasting habitation in the UK are being subjected to prerequisites concerning exhaustive medical coverage that the NHS obviously states they don’t need (Call to scrap lead banishing some EU nationals from the UK, 31 December). On the off chance that a man from the EU, EEA or Switzerland is moving to England, a speedy check of the NHS site uncovers that: “Arrangement of free NHS treatment is on the premise of being commonly occupant and is not needy upon nationality, installment of UK charges, national protection (NI) commitments, being enlisted with a GP, having a NHS number or owning property in the UK.” Furthermore, “customarily inhabitant implies, comprehensively, living in the UK on a legitimate and appropriately settled reason for now.”

Democrats grasping Tea Party strategies? That won’t work without another belief system

While Republican officials were intriguing with the VP choose, Mike Pence, about how best to annul – and most likely not supplant – the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Wednesday, Barack Obama held his very own meeting. Not at all like numerous past gatherings of his, Republicans were not welcomed. He didn’t “reach over the walkway”.

Rather, the active president laid out a system to restrict Republican endeavors to revoke his mark medicinal services enactment, a move that could kick up to 30 million Americans off medical coverage. That system includes pushing the expression “Influence America To debilitated Again”, declining to “save” Republicans by helping them pass bound-to-be-Randian substitution measures and alluding to the subsequent catastrophe as “Trumpcare”, as in: “I would have gotten my leg set by a specialist, yet because of Trumpcare, I’m utilizing Scotch tape.” The political aftermath, he stated, should exclusively hurt the Republicans. (Sounds like somebody is at long last bouncing on the Bernie “time to concede you lied” Sanders prepare.) B1A1276 B1A1833 B1A2391 B1A1533
B1A1277 B1A1834 B1A2392 B1A1534
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B1A1280 B1A1837 B1A2395 B1A1537
B1A1281 B1A1838 B1A2396 B1A1538

Balance this with comments made back in April in which Obama cautioned his gathering against ending up excessively like the Tea Party. Addressing a gathering of law understudies in Chicago, he stressed that Democrats would “stake out positions so outrageous, they distance the wide open”. He’s barely progressed toward becoming Eugene Debs, however it appears he’s come around to a more fierce methodology. (Interesting how your needs change when you go from suppressing a left-uprising to endeavoring to subdue a correct one.)

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